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                          Company profile

                          Ningbo Dahua Electric Appliance Co., Ltd is a proud supplier and manufacturer of high standard vacuum cleanres.

                          We are located in Yuyao, Ningbo with very convenient traffic distance form Ningbo Port, Ningbo Ariport ,and Hangzhou International Airport.0ur factory covers 58,000 sqaure meters and has over 800 workers and 50 engineers. The annual output capacity exceeds 3,000,000 pcs.

                          Our company has been approved by 1509001-2000, and is always self-guided with this regulation. Now our product line has over 60 vacuum cleaners, including series of Canister.Cyclone/MuItiCyclone, Upright, Rechargeable, Hand一held, and Industrial vacuums, which are being sold to various customers.

                          As a leading expert in vacuum cleaner industry, we are constantly monitoring the market and investing into tech nologies. We value our customers and all potential business relations. We are always looking forward to exploring new business adventures with you.

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